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Hii King Chiong : Explore Culinary, Look Forward To Life With “Colours, Fragrances And Flavours”

10.03.2015--Dato Hii King Chiong said that it takes vigorous culinary training to be a successful and popular chef. To be a top chef, one needs substantial knowledge, culinary skills, enthusiasm and good attitude.

Hii King Chiong : Sea Dragon (Shak Lung Kung) Temple Plays Important Role In Social Harmony And Ethnic Unity

10.03.2015--Dato Hii King Chiong said Sea Dragon (Shak Lung Kung) Temple of Miri Division was established 37 years ago, providing believers with an amazing worship place. It played an important role in promoting social harmony and ethnic unity over the years.

Hii King Chiong : Education Is Key To Sustainable Nation Building

08.03.2015--The board chairman of Miri Resort City Kindergarten Dato Hii King Chiong said that education is key to sustainable nation building. Hundred of years ago when the Foochow foreparents came from China to settle in Sarawak, besides working hard for a living, they also placed great emphasis on their children’s education and were very concerned about local educational development.

Hii King Chiong : Hawkers Act As Economic Frontline, Economic Success Depends On Hawkers

07.03.2015--Dato Hii King Chiong said hawkers and traders are large and pivotal group which has a significant influence in stimulating active markets and national economy. Hawkers act as economic frontline and economic success depends very much on them.

Hii King Chiong : Father Always Advised Me To Help Others

05.03.2015--My late father always advised me : After you earned money, you must help those in need to overcome their difficulties.” Dato Hii King Chiong, son of the late Datuk Hii Yu Peng, shared this in his testimony on behalf of family members during the funeral service at Masland Fu Yuan Methodist Church at Island Road.

Hii King Chiong : Consolidate Ethnic Groups, Play A Part In National Unity

06.03.2015-- I hope all members of Miri Guang Ning Association can work together to consolidate ethnic groups and play a part in social harmony and national unity in the face of new challenges.”

Hii King Chiong : Coexistence Of Different Religions, World Moving Towards Similarity

01.103.2015--Guest-of-honour Dato Hi King Chiong said that De Jiao Hui (Che Sing Khor Moral Uplifting Society) integrates five major religions and beliefs, namely Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. He believed that this is the spirit of humankind moving towards similarity through practical actions, self-cultivation, acceptance of people of other religions, mutual respect and efforts towards common prosperity.

Hii King Chiong : Inspection Is To Carry Out Responsibility And Has Nothing To Do With Election

01.03.2015--Majulah Miri service team led by Dato Hii King Chiong explained that the inspection of road infrastructure problems had nothing to do with the coming election and was merely to attend the Chinese New Year gathering celebration as well as to respond to the problems raised by the residents.

Riam Road No. 88 To Commence Construction Much To The Relief Of Local Residents

01.03.2015--After eager appeals by Hii King Chiong Service Centre and councillors, Riam Road No. 88 (over 1 km long) will commence construction very soon with its completion estimated at mid-year, much to the relief of the local residents.

The Federation of Miri Division Chinese Associations Sarawak’s Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner, Prominent Figures Gather To Share The Joy

28.02.2015--The Federation of Miri Division Chinese Associations Sarawak’s Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner 2015 was held at Meritz Hotel Miri and officiated by Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud.