Village Area Repaired With Gravel, No More Potholes & Muddy Road

21.10.2015--Road repair with gravel at Jalan Kampung Pasir Lutong Simpang Dua was completed a few days ago. The villagers thanked United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong for his benevolence in improving the living environment of the local residents.

Also Majulah Miri founder, Hii, together with councillors Siew Tick Chai, James Hii, Kok Yung Kai, UPP Piasau vice-chairman Tay Choon Wei and others, returned to Kampung Pasir to care for the people’s needs.

Hii was pleased with the road upgrade and hoped it would improve the living environment of the villagers.

Local villagers told reporters that Hii is admirably a man of his word and gives efficient service compared to other politicians and organisations.

The villagers said that they had repeatedly sought assistance from elected representatives and political parties on various problems and provided application letters and information as requested but did not receive any feedback. Feeling frustrated, they turned to seek help from Hii.

They said that Hii has never rejected reasonable demands of the villagers and he has always served the people wholeheartedly and provided assistance to the best of his abilities.

The villagers also requested Hii to help upgrade some other basic infrastructure.

They requested for gravel to repair potholes on small lanes and hoped Hii would assist to repair the village bridge to ensure the safety of users.

Hii agreed to provide appropriate assistance to improve their quality of life.

Hii said one should not have a personal agenda in serving the people and this is a fundamental principle in serving the country and people. He believed that diligence and sincerity will earn true friendship and respect.

“The villagers living in Lutong area are people living in hardship. Despite having limitations, I will try my best to help and never let the villagers down because their problems are Hii King Chiong’s problems. As long as the people live well and happy, I’ll be very satisfied.”

He was of the opinion that both the ruling and opposition parties should learn to put aside their animosities and cooperate to serve the people. As long as everyone can work together, the problems of the people would be solved gradually.