Thanks Giving Ceremony. Kpg Pasir, Miri -

Villagers of Kpg Pasir Simpang 3 near here today made a suprice welcoming event to Mr.Hii King  Chiong and his entourage. The thanks giving ceremony, attended by nearly 100 guests was organised by the villagers as an appreciation to Mr.Hii who had contributed tremendous supports to the villagers.

"This is the only way for us to express our appreciation and gratitude to Mr.Hii who is so generous in helping us. Mr.Hii is a man of his word, he delivered his promises instantly and this made us so proud of him", said Mr.Henry Ak William, the villagers spokeman.

The delighted Mr.Henry also said that they had appealed to the authority concerned regarding their needs but their request were all turned down. Problems faced by the villagers which needs immediate action are, bad condition of kampung roads & plank walk, poor drainage system and etc.

Last month, after receiving complaints from the villagers, Mr.Hii agreed to upgrade the roads along Simpang Tiga and the road which linked Kpg Pasir to SM Lutong. The upgrading works started two days after Hii King Chiong Service Centre received their cries.

Mr.Hii when asked to diclosed on the event, said,"Its a big suprice to me. They really appreciated what I've done to them. I did this because I care, the people needs and their interest must never be looked down. They are part of the community and they deserved to have a better life. Hii King Chiong Service Centre will assured that the community plight must never be neglected".

"On top of that, we came in to assist the authority concerned in giving the best service to the people, not only to the people of Kpg Pasir but elsewhere. We are not here to show that we're the best but what we want is an equal share of a better living standard. They needed us to ease their problems and if we don't assist them, so who will help them. We will help them but let we do it one at a time. We can't effort to do all in a single time but we will do our best to help them",
he assured

Later, Mr. Hii and his entourage which included Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Cr Suzzane Lee, Cr Lawrance Kong, newly appointed councillor, En.Keith Chin, members of the media and Hii King Chiong Service Centre personnel, walked around the village and received other complaints from the villagers.

En.Hii (3rd right) and En.Henry (4th left) together with the villagers posed for the album.