Students To No Longer Fear Rain Or Shine With Newly Built Shade

14.11.2015--With the assistance of United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong  and Lions clubs, SMK St. Columba’s 70-foot shade was finally completed and officially opened today at 2pm.

The shade which cost RM30,000 was funded by Hii and five Lion clubs. It has been completed in just two weeks and was officially opened today, providing shade to students coming and going out from the school without having to fear rain or shine.

The five Lions clubs which provided funding assistance to build the shade at SMK St. Columba were Lions Club of Marudi Mandarin, Lions Club of Miri Mandarin, Lions Club of Batu Niah, Lions Club of Lutong Miri and Lions Club of Lambir Miri.

The opening ceremony was attended by Hii, principal Meechang Tuie, councillors Kok Yung Kai and Siew Tick Chai as well as representatives of Lions clubs and others.

After the ceremony, Hii, together with principal Meechang Tuie and representatives of Lions clubs, made inspection on the recently upgraded car park compound.