SJK North Miri Plans To Build Multipurpose Hall And Seeks Help From Hii King Chiong

26.01.2016--SJK North Miri planned to build a multipurpose hall costing RM580,000 and its Parent Teachers Association (PTA) chairman Lau Kin Hoo today sought help from United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman and Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong to request for funding from Sarawak Chief Minister.

Lau said that as the school’s basketball, volleyball and badminton courts were all located outdoors, students had to bear the sun during hot days and could not carry out relevant activities during rains.

He added that the school decided to construct cement flooring in the middle of the school compound and build a multipurpose hall so that the students can enjoy their activities in a comfortable environment.

He said that the building plan of the proposed multipurpose hall was ready and hoped that the funding would be approved within two months. Once application is approved, construction will commence after Chinese New Year.

On the other hand, United Association of Chinese Primary Aided School Boards of Management Miri and Limbang Division board director Kong San Hoe suggested that at the same time the school applies to the state government for funding, they should also apply to the federal government for funding because the funding allocation for Year 2016 has not been made.

He said that his association will assist the school on the application to the federal government for education funding which will end in March this year.