Problem Receives No Attention, Majulah Miri Will Solve It

21.10.2015--United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong upheld the joy of helping others as his service philosophy, assisting Ex-Police Association of Malaysia, Miri Branch by contributing to the renovation of the association premises so that the members can enjoy a better meeting place.

Also Majulah Miri founder, Hii today led his team to inspect the renovation works on the premises of Ex-Police Association of Malaysia, Miri Branch and was welcomed warmly by the association chairman Supt (Rtd) Han Hipeni and his fellow members.

Ex-Police Association of Malaysia, Miri Branch was given official permission on June 11 to use Piasau Camp No. 139 as its temporary association premises. The premises was in poor condition and must be repaired. Due to the lack of fund, the association sought help from Hii so that the members can enjoy a more comfortable gathering venue.

Even though the local authority had allowed the use of the building, the association must bear all repair and maintenance costs. Despite the association having spent money on various repair works, the premises was still far from perfect and the main problem was termite infestation.

Following the association’s request, Hii promised to seek financial assistance for the renovation works. The repair works have commenced and will be completed in a week.

Han thanked Hii for his selfless contribution that will benefit about 500 association members. Upon completion of the premises, he said it would be used as a meeting place for the members where various activities would be held.

Preliminary estimate showed that RM20,000 was required for various renovation expenses. Hii hoped all members of the public and relevant units can lend a helping hand to ensure smooth and fast completion of the renovation project for the benefit of the association members.