Media Night & Pre-Christmas party 2012 - Be More Responsible And Responsive

17.12.12--The founder of Hii King Chiong Service Centre, Mr.Hii King Chiong tonight urged members of media to bemore responsible and responsive in their news reporting.

"To win the public trust and support, we must do our best to achieve professional integrity and sound credibility. We must see news reporting as a public service, not a product. We must put public interestat the forefront. We must strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.

Therefore, I urged every reporter, journalists and editors to constantly review your standards, to beresponsible and responsive to the need for fair and accurate coverage of news and information", he said during his keynote address at the Media Night and Pre Christmas Party 2012 at a leading hotel here.

The party which was jointly organized by Hii King Chiong Service Centre (HKC SC) and Northern Sarawak Journalist Association (NSJA) was aimed to promote better understanding, integration and togetherness among HKC SC news team and the local media professionals.

Among the guest of honor were Miri City Council Mayor, Cr Lawrance Lai, NSJA President Rick Wong,organizing chairman Jason Wong, Cr Lawrance Kong, newly appointed MCC councilor, Keith Chin and members of NSJA.

Mr.Hii also said that in this modern era of news reporting, advance in internet media have posed bigger challenges to the press and other media organizations. The public were served with ready internet media access and these caused more people turn to get most of the news from the internet media.

However he elaborated that majority of the public still choose to rely on the local newspaper for their daily dose of information, especially local news and issues.

"This shows that they still continue to trust the newspaper and they trust the reporters. They can read online news, gossips and rumors at online forum, news websites, Facebook and Twitter but at the end of the day they will still look into the printer media/newspaper for reassurance that the news is genuine and accurate". He stressed out.

Mr. Hii further said that the local printed media and their personnel played an important in providing the public with the latest firsthand data and information.

"Newspapers are important because they employ reporters, Reporters do the leg work, gather the raw firsthand data, pull information together and shape the way news are written. And the need of the public is very clear. They rely on reporters to be 'the get the facts' straight, to be their primary source of fair, accurate and comprehensive account of events and issues."

To all my dearest media people, be proud of what you do, be proud of your quality works, be proud in serving your community and for all your efforts & dedication, be proud of yourself", he said in ending up his keynote address.

Mr.Hii (4th right), Mayor Lawrance Lai (3rd right) with some members of the media during the special event.