Kpg Pasir, Lutong, This kampung road will be upgraded soon

Hii King Chiong Service Centre which is headed by prominent businessman En Hii King Chiong has agreed to upgrade the roads along Simpang 3 and Simpang 4 in Kpg Pasir, Lutong.

The upgrading works will kickoff early next week and the upgrading cost will be finance by En.Hii.

These announcement was made by En.Hii after receiving complaint from the villagers regarding the poor roads condition along Simpang 3 and 4 within the village.

En.Hii and his entourage which also includes Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Cr Suzzane Lee, Cr Lawrance Kong and members of the media were the guest of honor in a special event organised by the villagers.

The event, Majlis Perhargaan Kepada En.Hii King Chiong was organised as an appreciation to En.Hii on his countinuous and generous support to the villagers.