Hii King Chiong : Win Or Loss Is Irrelevant But The Truth Matters

26.10.2016--Although the petition to nullify the results for Pujut state constituency had been dismissed, Dato Hii King Chiong regarded this as a new beginning and believed that the truth would be revealed one day.

Hii said some voters had misunderstandings against him, thinking that he had acted like a sore loser in filing the election petition. He reiterated that win or loss was not important but the truth was crucial to protect the interests of the people.

“I am a businessman. I have joined politics hoping to do something for the local people. Although my good intentions were twisted by certain individuals, I would never give up the ambition to serve the people, because Miri is my home.”

Hii had expected becoming a “target” of the supporters of the other party but he proceeded with the lawsuit for only one reason, to reveal the truth.

He emphasised that he clearly understood the saying that “The victor becomes a king and the loser a bandit”. However, the single reason to file the lawsuit was to prohibit illegitimate individual from entering Sarawak politics!

Hii said the dismissal of the petition could not prove anything because the case had never entered the judicial proceeding and the truth was hence still a mystery. He said that nobody is perfect; he did what he thought was rightful and apologised to the people if his action was misinterpreted.

He explained that he would not want to sacrifice the future of Sarawak and would do anything he felt was right with a clear conscience despite possibly facing misunderstanding by some people.

“Many of my friends asked me why I participated in politics to invite unnecessary troubles and misunderstandings. My reply was that we must act with a clear conscience. If everyone is ignorant and insensitive, what is the meaning of living in this world?”

He described society as a double-edged sword and it was impossible to make everyone happy. “If you are standing upright, there is no need to worry.”

Hii said he took full responsibility for the defeat in Sarawak’s 11th state election and did not blame anyone. He said that he might not have done enough to earn full support and he respected the decision of the voters. “A loss is a loss, a win is a win. If voters affirm and recognise you, no amount of slander and smear will be able to make inroads”. He thanked the voters for their assessment of him, so that he could further identify his weaknesses and shortcomings. He also hoped the people can look at the issue from different angles for the interests of the state and the people.