Hii King Chiong Welcomes Educationists From Kazakhstan To Visit RIT

16.11.2015--Three educationists from South Kazakhstan Region of Russia were led by Riam Institute of Technology (RIT) and Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS) honorary chairman Dato Hii King Chiong on a visit to RIT and RRSS today.

The entourage consisted of secretary general of Education Ministry of South Kazakhstan cum CEO of King Investments, Chingis Akhanov, head of Education Department of South Kazakhstan Region of Russia, Rakhiya Ass, and senior specialist Ilyas Babayev.

The Government of Kazakhstan intended to establish an institute of technology and had therefore organised the visit through Hii’s assistance to learn more about the operation as well as science and technology of RIT.

The three representatives today visited RIT’s Automotive Training Centre, School of Culinary Arts, School of Pastry Arts and RRSS. They were very impressed with the management and educational environment of RIT and RRSS.