Hii King Chiong Promises To Help Solve Problems At Batu Satu Fish Market

21.03.2016--Majulah Miri founder and United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman Dato Hii King Chiong promised to change the roof of fish market at Kampung Batu Satu, Kuala Baram after his inspection visit. He also promised to help solve the blocked drain at the market.

Kampung Batu Satu fisherman, Abdul Mutalib, said they had sought help from elected representatives but to no avail.

A fishmonger also complained about blocked drain at the market which had been emitting stench.

Hii said he came to help solve the problems of the people, not for state election. At the same time, he also pledged to give assistance to the best of his abilities to solve problems of the people.

Majulah Miri is always ready and sincere to help those in need and improve the lives of people regardless of location, race, religion and ethnicity and with no political motives.

Majulah Miri is a non-profit organisation founded to take care of the local people’s needs and help solve their problems which are neglected by elected representatives.