Hii King Chiong Promises To Construct Drains To Prevent Flooding At Jalan Krokop 4

07.01.2016--Dato Hii King Chiong promised to construct concrete drains to help solve flooding problems at Jalan Krokop 4.

United People’s Party (UPP) Piasau chairman and Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong and others today inspected Jalan Krokop 4, front of SJK Chung Hua Lutong and Kampung Lereng Bukit.

Pertaining to the drainage in Krokop area, Hii was grateful to the city council for having upgraded some of the drains in the area and in so doing solved flooding problems.

Following complaints from the local residents on flooding problems at some other areas in Krokop, Hii today personally went to inspect the said areas.

He pointed out that Jalan Krokop 4 depended on earth drains to manage water flows for decades but they could no longer cope during heavy rains. Flooding problems could only be solved by upgrading to concrete drains.

Drainage upgrading projects were required between the intersections of Jalan Krokop 4 and Jalan Jee Foh as well as some smaller lanes. As for those smaller drains that required expansion, the upgrading work between Jalan Krokop and Jalan Jee Foh started in October last year and has now been completed.

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Miri-Bintulu divisional engineer Law Wee said upgrading works would commence immediately once the department received the allocation.