Hii King Chiong Leads Entourage On Learning Visit For The Benefit Of Special Children

19.11.2015--In order to improve Community-based Rehabilitation Centre or Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti (PDK) Miri’s quality of service, Honorary Life Advisor Dato Hii King Chiong & wife Datin Ting Hua Eng earlier led an entourage to pay a courtesy visit on Taipei Happy Mount Special Children Care Centre. The purpose of the visit was to obtain the latest information and learn more about the methods of rehabilitation for the benefit of special children.

Dato and Datin Hii were accompanied by Persatuan Ibu Bapa Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Miri (PIBAKIS) Miri president Chiam Yun Chaw, PDK officer-in-charge Chiong Bee Lan, PDK deputy secretary Chai Chin Lee and councillor Siew Tick Chai.

The field trip to Taiwan was organised by councillor Siew Tick Chai primarily to understand and learn more about rehabilition techniques to help special children and improve the quality of service and operation of PDK Miri.

On arrival in Taiwan, the group was warmly welcomed by Lions Clubs International District 300B1 Mingzhi Lions president Chen Jian-fu and founding president Huang Fu-chang, who also joined PDK’s visit to Taipei Happy Mount.

PDK chairman of the building committee Dato Hii King Chiong said that it is a social responsibility and a cause of conscience to provide special children with a better learning environment. Hii hoped the public will not see special children as being different from others and should lend a helping hand to encourage them to walk their journey of life with a strong positive attitude towards a brighter future.

Hii, who is also the honorary life advisor of PDK, said in the interview that he had a myriad of emotions on the Taiwan trip and felt that parents should be thankful as the children are given very good care at Taipei Happy Mount. Without the selfless contribution of the social workers, the future of special children could well be spent in the dark.

He emphasised that children with special needs are not social burdens. Ordinary people are the more fortunate group as we are able to take care of ourselves. For those less fortunate, they do not have the power to choose at all.

Hii pointed out that parental love and support is irreplaceable for children’s well-being. What they want is very simple, which is their parents never leaving or abandoning them. Community support and assistance, no matter how big they are, can never be greater than parental love.

He hoped that parents can be open-minded instead of being shy or fear of social pressure at the expense of their children’s future. This is also the very reason why PDK was established.

He explained that PDK is a charitable organisation founded to help special children regain hope and confidence as well as improve their learning abilities. Love, care and support from the kind-hearted people at rehabilitation centres, together with the efforts of parents shall ensure better growth and future of the children.

Hii expressed much disappointment that there was no effort being made by local elected representative on funding assistance for the construction of PDK Miri’s PIBAKIS new centre. As a representative of the Chinese community in the government, one should always pay close attention to charity issues or else the saying that “having a representative in the government makes things easier” is a misleading statement.

“After the visit, I realised that there is still a lot of room for improvement at PDK. Provision of general care is simply not enough. Specific techniques must be applied to let the children learn how to take care of themselves and also strengthen their confidence in life.”

Hii pointed out that it is the biggest wish of parents to see their children grow up healthily. Every parent wishes for healthy and clever babies. However, some are victims of fate suffering from physical and mental disabilities and such conditions have a huge impact and effect on the families.

He deeply understood the feelings of the parents because nurturing and taking care of special children is not a short term task but rather a lifetime responsibility and pressure. Therefore, special education plays a very important part to prepare special children for better opportunities and live life to the full.

“When a problem is unavoidable, we must choose to accept it rather than using inappropriate ways to deny the value of their existence. This is because I always believe if we work hard, we can definitely improve the lives of special children. This is also the ultimate reason why I fully support PDK.”

Hii said that during the exchanges at Happy Mount, he was sad to learn that some parents had gradually given up on their children or even had the tendency of using Happy Mount as “dumping site” of disabled children. Physical or mental disorder is not something these children can control and therefore they should not be neglected just because they have abnormalities. Instead, frustration should be turned into strength to provide the children with perfect care to help them regain hope and confidence towards life.

He promised to continue to focus on the needs of PDK including introducing special education and equipment so that special children can receive appropriate education and rehabilitation training. Assistance and support from members of the public are equally important to help these children prepare themselves for greater challenges in the future.

At the same time, he also hoped that Happy Mount and PDK can become close associates and share essential information and medical technology for the benefit of the disadvantaged groups in the society.