Hii King Chiong Inspects Road Construction Project At Wisma Amal

26.03.2016--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong today inspected  the completed road construction project at Miri Islamic Welfare Association’s (Amal) premises.

Hii earlier promised Amal to help in the laying of gravel stones on the road during his visit on February 19.

Besides providing services to religious council, welfare and charity units, Amal is also the residents’ committee of Piasau Jaya and Miri branch of Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia.

There was no road access at the front and back of the Wisma Amal building. Therefore, Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia Miri branch advisor Temenggong Abdul Rahman Fadzil sought help from Hii to tar seal the road leading to the entrance of the building for convenient vehicle access.

Hii promised to provide assistance and the road construction project commenced immediately.