Hii King Chiong To Help Appeal For Electricity And Water Supply For Luak Bay’s Futsal Court

22.09.2015--Majulah Miri founder Dato Hii King Chiong promised to assist Luak Bay residents who are very passionate with futsal but unable to continue playing when the day turns to dark.

Following requests of the residents, Hii, together with councillor Bruce Chai and other team members, today paid a visit to the area to further understand the situation. He said that 1Malaysia futsal courts allow local youth to come together to play futsal and hence foster relationships.

He felt it was inconvenient for the court to have no electricity and water supply, even though there are lighting and toilet facilities for many years.

He said that game courts encourage the youth to engage in healthy activities and stay away from bad habits for their better future.

Hii also said that Majulah Miri will provide assistance to the best of its ability.

He pointed out that Majulah Miri is a non-profit organisation founded to take care of the people’s needs and help solve their problems which are neglected by elected representatives.

He emphasised that the service centre was established to act as a communication channel between the people and the government. Since establishment, the service centre has received countless livelihood case reports. In order to improve the people's livelihood, the service center never ignores the demands from the people. The service team has always served the people diligently in the hope that the people can enjoy better living environment and infrastructure.

Hii emphasised that Majulah Miri is always ready and sincere to help those in need and improve the lives of people regardless of race, religion and ethnicity. He also hoped for the government’s cooperation in solving the problems of the people.

A local resident Sulaiti also pointed out that they brought up the issue of electricity and water supply at the futsal court to the elected representative many years ago but did not receive any feedback.

He thanked Hii for taking time to attend to their needs. He knew that Hii is always willing to do his best to help the people regardless of race whether it is Malay, Chinese or others and also regardless of location, whether it is Lutong, Tudan, Tukau etc.

Sulaiti stressed that it is important to have electricity and water supply because the 1Malaysia futsal court is open to all residents of Luak Bay. It is disappointing for the players because they cannot continue playing futsal when the day turns to dark at around 6pm.

“We hope Dato Hii King Chiong can help fulfil our wishes to enjoy better basic facilities.”