Hii King Chiong Fulfils Promise To Add Facilities At Hospital

26.11.2015--Dato Hii King Chiong fulfilled his promise to add facilities at Miri Hospital by contributing 100 pillows, two air conditioners and two televisions, citing that helping the hospital is a social responsibility.

United People’s Party (UPP) Northern Region coordinator Dato Hii King Chiong and party members today handed over the items to Miri Hospital director Dr Jack Wong and also promised two water dispensers and 10 sleeping chairs for family members staying overnight to take care of patients.

During his visit, Hii said apart from Miri, outstation patients made up 40% of patients at Miri Hospital and the shortage of facilities must be addressed.

Hii was informed about the shortage of facilities at Miri Hospital and consequently visited Dr Jack Wong to further understand the situation.

Miri Hospital was indeed lack of facilities and many items were long overdue for replacement. In this regard, Hii has continued to give assistance and today contributed RM20,000 worth of air conditioners, televisions and pillows to the hospital.

Dr Jack Wong was very grateful to Hii for his contribution towards enhancing facilities at the hospital.

Pertaining to insufficient parking spaces at Miri Hospital, Hii will propose to the state government to build a multi-storey car park near the hospital.

Dr Jack Wong said the gazetted 450 parking spaces and new temporary 160 parking spaces are still not enough. Many cars were still parked by the roadside outside the hospital and some were obstructing the flow of traffic.

He referred the problem to Hii hoping that the latter can help solve the shortage of parking spaces.

Hii told the media that a long-term solution would be to build a multi-storey car park near the hospital.

He will also propose to the state government to build commercial shophouses outside the multi-storey car park for the leisure and shopping convenience of patients and visitors.

Many cars were parked at the sides of roads in the hospital compound and also by the roadside outside the hospital. Hii hoped the state government will work out on increasing car parks to ease parking woes at Miri Hospital.