Hii King Chiong Calls MCC To Solve Problems At Lutong Waterfront

21.03.2016--Majulah Miri, United People’s Party (UPP) and Miri City Council (MCC) will work together to solve problems at Lutong Waterfront behind Lutong commercial shoplots, where there were requests to add rubbish bins, clean drains and trim trees.

Merchants at commercial shoplots requested for additional big rubbish bins at Lutong Waterfront. There was only one rubbish bin, although there were many shoplots nearby.  There were also requests to clean blocked drains, trim trees and install road light in the area.

In addition, local businesses also complained about people drinking at stalls and singing noisily into the early hours of the morning, affecting nearby residents.

Hii immediately called MCC for assistance to install road light and add big rubbish bins. Hii will also assist to solve the problem of blocked drains.