Drainage System At Piasau Utara Residential Area To Be Upgraded

15.04.2016--Direct Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Pujut Dato Hii King Chiong requested for allocation to upgrade drainage system at Piasau Utara residential area. The upgrading project was estimated to cost RM1,500,000 and will be completed in three phases. The first phase, costing about RM500,000, has been approved and upgrading work will commence immediately once allocation is received.

Hii, together with The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Miri-Bintulu divisional engineer Law Wee and others, today made inspection visit to Piasau Utara residential area following complaints from the local residents on flooding problems during heavy rains.

The residents said that the problem has been in existence for a long time and hoped Hii would provide assistance.

Law pointed out that although Piasau Utara residential area is close to the river, water could not flow smoothly into the river because some drains were not connected properly.

He added that although Piasau is a large residential area, there was only one outlet for the water to flow into the river. DID would immediately carry out drainage connections to enable smooth water flow into the river.

Law pointed out that the drainage system at Piasau Utara was far from perfect and mud drains must be upgraded to connecting concrete drains to enable smooth water flow.

He said that the first phase of the upgrading project would be carried out on drainage in front of the mosque along Jalan Piasau Utara 1G and mud drainage in front of the fish market at Jalan Piasau Utara 1A.

Drains in front of the mosque would be connected. Law suggested that mud drains in front of the fish market should be upgraded to concrete drains and converted into culverts. This would not only improve the drainage system but also increase the parking spaces for the convenience of fishmongers and the public.

He said upgrading works will commence immediately once the department receives the allocation. The first phase of the upgrading project is expected to be completed within three months.